Sunday, April 10, 2011

Science Project Week - Oakland Unified School District

Once again, it is Science Project time at my kids' school. And as many parents know, Science Projects (not always, but often) fall into the lap of the parents to guide, hand hold, help, and ultimately stress out over. I have no idea why this is so, but it is. So I find myself right now, at 5:16 pm Sunday evening, the evening before the projects are due....printing out the photos that will be glued onto my kids' poster board to be turned in tomorrow. I just thought I'd share.

My son decided to soak eggs in 4 different types of vinegar for 4 days, because we read somewhere that in doing so, they would bounce. These are the quick shot of this. And yes, after 4 stinks. Especially when they break open. We had to air the kitchen out after that one...

My daughter wanted to see what a snail likes better, chocolate or a lollipop. Turns out...neither. Although on the second try, our little guy decided to climb up on top of the chocolate...although we didn't see him/her taste it at all.



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