Monday, September 29, 2008

Our weekend...the kitchen, soccer, hangin with Bea...

So, maybe I went a little crazy this weekend with the photos. This whole blog thing makes me want to shoot like that I know I have somewhere to PUT all the photos! I only picked a handful though. So, some are from the fam at the favorite place to photograph the kids. They are contained and I get crazy good light at the table. I can't help myself. Some photos are from Isaac's soccer game, but not a ton, because.....I was the referee for the second half. Amazing. I have not been "in" an official soccer game since my playoff game my senior year in high school. I had a blast. Turns out I am a soccer mom, and I love it. And then there are some photos in here of the kids at our BF's house in the city. Playing with Bea, crazy, loving Bea. Until the next time...! Which will probably be tomorrow.

Friday, September 26, 2008 photos!

Here are some cute pics we did for, it will be up in about a week, but hopefully sooner!

Adorable Amaya

My (coming soon) Studio!!

These are some quick snaps I took of my new studio on Piedmont Ave. in Oakland. I still have some work to do to get it 'up and running', but it's on it's way. I've had lots of people asking to see it, so I thought I'd throw these up there to share.

This is my first blog entry...whoa. This was from last week. I had to take some quick photos of Avi for my friend's online store and so had the camera out - love those kids. Check out the store (soon), it is She sells great stuff in her brick and mortar store, and now she'll be selling cool kids tees online too. Blog away...and blog on.