Thursday, February 19, 2009

Isaac Haircut

Need I say more? Before and after.


Avi Dance

Just cute.


She is still working on her "cheese" smile...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A new 'project'?

In December we (husband, kids and I) went out to Walnut Creek somewhere..not sure where now, but there is this little train museum place. It's awesome. There is this whole culture (all men that I saw working there) of mini trains...and the sets that these trains were on were awesome. I had my camera thinking I'd be photographing the kids that day, but instead got sucked into these little sets...I remember years ago seeing a photographers work similar to this. They created these little weird scenes and then photographed them very close up, with shallow depth of field, and they had this surreal creepy dreamy look. THESE ones though, the ones that I took, are like real life situations...I love this. So then, when I went to Mexico in January, we were at this crazy super mall in Nuevo Vallarta (wasn't into it really) and there was this little display there showing off the condos and the condo community that you can get into there.

Something is going on here..and really, I'd love to find more little mini-scenes like these...How cool would these look really really big, like 3x3 feet hanging on a artsy brain is having a moment.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fun Mom and Daughter!

These ladies were so much fun. Not a shy bone in either of their bodies.
Enjoy...moms out there..we can do this for you too! ;)


Studio Fun

So it turns out I'm a very slow blogger...I love floating around checking out other people's blogs...seeing their photos, their lives, their thoughts. But for some reason when it comes to my own I'm a bit slow. Ah well, so it is. But alas! I am posting some new pics. My friend graciously lent her two adorable girls to me, Clara and Zoe, last week and we did a little fun afternoon in the studio. Avi is in there too, of course. What would some experimenting be if my kids were not involved somehow? I am printing out (as I type this) large prints of each of these photos, and then I am going to post them all up as a grid like this in my studio/store window! I hope it'll look cute...I love this mini one, so that's good!

This is an idea I have had bouncing around in my head for years. Literally. I definitely want to do some more portraits like this, hopefully some of my client will want to also!