Thursday, December 23, 2010

It's been awhile...- Amy Perl Oakland Photographer

It has been since October...since I've written or posted anything in my blog. Wow. That's a testament to how super busy I've been. I had to let my blog posting drop in order to get all my work done, and there was a lot of it this holiday season! It's been great, thank you so much to all my clients to welcomed me into their families again this year. It's really an honor.

As much as I truly love my work, I also benefit hugely from taking a step back and paying attention to why I was drawn to photography in the first place...It's time to plan a couple road trips, photo trips, maybe even a workshop or two. I love taking photos of people, but I love also to challenge my thoughts, my ego, my fears, by getting out into the unknown and creating stories of how I feel and what I see.

I am really looking forward to what 2011 brings for me and my photography. The road has taken many bends for me in the 23 years I have been photographing (since I was 14, freshman in high school!) and I am excited to see where the next turn takes me.

For now, here are a few cute shots of my kids in the snow, on our way out the door for their first full day of (white out condition) ski lessons.

Happy Holidays!!